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Termite Treatment Services
Brandon Pest Control, Inc. offers a wide variety of termite treatment programs.  Our technicians are thoroughly and professionally trained in the proper usage of Termidor and have been one of the area's leading Termidor treatment companies since its inception.
Protect Your Home
Termites are a pest.  And a costly one at that.  they cause more damage each year than all natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes and storms combined.  They are everywhere - an acre can hold an average of 14 to 14 colonies and only need a gap of 1/64th of an inch to penetrate your home.  Termites continuously forage for food throughout your yard 365 days per year.
Termidor is the leading termite protection product in the country.  Its efficacy has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.  As a liquid termiticide, it is undetectable by termites....yet deadly to them.  They come into contact with it, share it with their many thousands of colony members and thus they destroy the colony.  Since they do not detect it, they cannont avoid it.
Termidor has been proven in millions of homes.  It is not only most effective termiticide availalbe, it works faster and better than baits.  Termidor's effectiveness spreads far beyond its original treatment area.
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